DIY Home Window Tinting

Film can turn standard home windows from boring invisible barriers into a statement piece, reflecting not only light and prying eyes, but your home's desire to be the envy of the street. 

Now you can access the highest quality film at low prices, and install it yourself using our detailed process to your standards, saving you $$$'s. 

How does this work?

Compare films

Choose the right 'tint' for your home.


Learn "how to tint' like the professionals


Professional grade tools in the perfect kit.

You bring water and the window, we'll supply the rest!

Affordable Professional Window Tinting

Paying a Professional

$1,650 +GST

*Based on Standard Home


2 Bedrooms

1 Loungeroom

1 Kitchen to Outdoor Area

Being a UTINT

$827 GST Inc.

*Excluding Delivery


12x Pre-cut Films

1x Toolkit

1x Free Test Film

Everything you need to clean, install, and maintain your window tint.

What We Provide

Free Instructional Videos

Professional Grade Pre-Cut Film

Professional's Toolkit


People Talk

Here's a video of one our happy customers receiving their uTint delivery


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Home Window Tinting Made Easy...


  • I don't want people to see into my home, which film do I choose?
  • For each of the films on offer we provide an indication on that film's effect on external windows, simply scroll through the films and see for yourself.
  • I know there are many films to choose from, how can I see what it will look like inside my home?
  • In the app we use the phone's camera to give you a feel for the film's effect in your home, just hold the phone up to the window and scroll through the various options. Give it a try!
  • Do I need to call for a quote on film?
  • No need to get in contact for a quote, once you provide width and height measurements, you'll see the price instantly.
  • Do I need to pay for the app? And how do I see the instructional videos?
  • The app is a free download, and contains all the videos presented including notes, and tools to be used.
  • How do I get the film?
  • We deliver Australia-wide, each piece of film is individually cut to your specifications, and carefully wrapped in a specially designed box.
  • Where do I get the right tools?
  • We also provide a specially designed toolkit, each of our videos detail which of these tools to use at each step in the process, all you need to provide is a clean water source, and the window itself.
  • What if I get stuck?
  • The app has a way to contact us via a chat tool, and we'll soon include voice and video capabilities.

Compare for Yourself!